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{FULL} Life Stories

“It’s a wonderful change.”
“Aging forces us to make changes,” admits Evelyn Srigley.
“I was getting to the point where I didn’t want to climb ladders to clean the gutters anymore,” says her husband Burns. Snow shoveling had become a challenging task, too.
“Plus,” Evelyn remembers, “We were starting to feel more and more isolated where we lived.”
Most of the houses around them were rentals. Vacationers came and went with the seasons, and these visitors had no time or interest in getting to know the “year-round” folks.
And, although the Srigleys loved their home and its natural, rural setting, they frequently needed to go into town for shopping and appointments, and that meant a 30-mile roundtrip each time. “It became pretty tiresome,” they both agree.
“We experience change almost on a daily basis”
There’s something in our very nature that loves the way things have always been. There’s a sense of safety in the status quo—sometimes a false sense of safety. Fortunately, small warnings often come along to help us make changes that are better for us in the long run.
For the Srigleys, it was getting caught on a mountain pass in the middle of a white-out, a snowstorm that no one ever hopes to get caught in. They got home safely, but the event made them realize how much they really didn’t like driving in the snow anymore or being isolated from others. So they began looking around for other housing options.
“We decided we wanted to find something in between our home and an apartment,” Burns says. Something like a cottage in a friendly, close-knit community.
They visited a few places but didn’t find anything that interested them. Next, Burns searched on his computer, and they came across Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village.