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Peace of mind and a friendly, supportive community ...
“Our experience with the accident made us think about things a little more in advance than most people do,” Al Rempel says. “We found out how fast life can change.”
In 1990, Al’s wife, Wendy, was in a critical car accident. A serious brain injury meant that she had to relearn many things. It taught them both the importance of living each day to its fullest ... and not waiting too long to make the right move.
Wendy and Al Rempel decided to move to Touchmark two-plus years ago while they were still young, healthy, and independent. They intentionally made the move on their own terms, rather than waiting until a crisis forced its own terms on them. They both know that if you wait too long, someone else may end up making all the choices for you.
“We’ve seen what it’s like for people to be forced by their circumstances (or their children!) into making a move,” says Wendy. “We’re so glad we made the decision early — so our children won’t ever have to make it for us. Our children are very happy that we’re living here.”
Never have to move again
Peace of mind came to the Rempels when they settled into the Touchmark community and realized they wouldn’t ever have to move again—no matter what happened down the road.
Wendy says, “We really love the fact that we wouldn’t have to move away if one of us were to get sick. Because of all the support services available, we can still live here and still have our partners here with us, no matter what.”
That’s peace of mind.